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Artistically Blended Follicular Unit Grafts • Correction Of Previous "Pluggy"Transplant Work
Specializing In Recreating Natural Hairlines • Newest Use Of Less Painful Anesthesia Techniques In Hair Transplantation
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The hair is the richest

ornament of person

Full Diagnostic & Medical Treatments For Thinning Hair Plus realistic discussion of non-surgical options

A hair in the head is

worth two in the brush

Losing your hair doesn't have to be an option!
When considering hair loss treatments you must consider all your options and choices. You always have a choice.

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We Can Replace Your Hair Just As You Lost It... Naturally & Discreetly...To Help Restore Your Youthful Appearance, Self Esteem & Confidence.


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Of all the male cosmetic procedures performed, a hair transplant is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures today. Amongst all cosmetic procedures for men, hair surgery has the potential to produce the most dramatic change in one's appearance.

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